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The Beatles: Rock Band


It’s the 9/9/09.  You know what that means.  World wide release of Beatles Rock Band.  Woo!

EB Games was waiting for me.  They knew my arrival was imminent.  Like someone chasing heroin, the store salesman and I exchanged glances that we knew something that know one else did.  I gave him a small plastic card to swipe, he gave me a little box of delights… and then I ran home… well skipped actually.

I haven’t actually played the game yet as I’m waiting for my friends to come over tomorrow night to christen it, however I did put the disk in the 360 to make sure that it worked ok…and was then pretty much blown away by its very VERY cool introduction video.  It somehow manages to encapsulate The Beatles entire career in the space of a few minutes. Awesome!

And since I’m talking about music games…I thought I’d post the world record attempt at Guitar Hero…the big question to me when watching it was…why?


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