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Readings Part 3: Bad Designs/Silly Decisions

It’s always fun looking at bad design choices. We had the chance  in class to bring in some examples. These were my highlights:

Pretty much all the multimedia designers (including myself) had a similar example, which was any website that decided to follow no hierarchy system whatsoever.

…thoughtless advertising placement…

Self explanatory…

Harley Davidson decided one day to expand their product range to include perfume!  Unsurprisingly, no one bought it, alienating their existing fan base while not acquiring any new fans either.

My personal favourite of the day was a campaign by PepsiMax to advertise that they only have 1 calorie in their drink.  So why not show the calorie as a suicidal figure that can’t live with himself.  Confused?  Check out the ad below. Funnily enough, it looks like a great piece of lowbrow art. No traditional Pepsi branding anywhere!


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