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Readings Part 4: Making your folio stand out

As we discussed this topic in class, it was almost unanimously agreed upon that the most critical aspect for you folio/showreel/website is to create an experience for the person viewing it. It is not just a collection of work that you randomly put together in a clipboard but a well thought out artistic narrative that should also allow the viewer to gauge an understanding of your personality through it.

The fist example is a commercial for a cheese company, successfully taking a different approach in engaging their audience.

Singaporean Jonathan Yuen’s portfolio website is a classy affair, providing the user with a distinct style and experience.

A very clever user experience to highlight the issues surrounding deaf children can be found here. It uses deliberate subtle techniques to push their point across.  I recommend playing the Do Re Mi game.

I also wanted to point out the lighting effects of the 2008 tour of Nine Inch Nails. You don’t have to be a fan of their music (I’m not) to appreciate how engaging and unique this show experience would have been.


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