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I always look good on Fridays

Introducing “I always look good on Fridays” a section highlighting work from the art/design world which has taken my fancy, both new and old.  If there is anything that you like or don’t like, or have found a piece of work that you wish to share then please feel free to comment away.


As a kid I dreaded going into Greek Orthodox church each Sunday.  The only way to entertain myself was to stare at all the Byzantine artworks throughout the church over and over again.  Athens based artist Stelios Faitakis infuses this Byzantinian religious style with temporary issues of today – normally dealing with violence.  You can check out more of his work in April’s edition of Juxtapoz magazine or his website.



The animation house th1ng has created a promo for the London 2012 Olympics with the brief being that it needs to encapsulate the essence of London.  They have used almost every animation/motion graphic technique imaginable and somehow it all flows together.  A stunning piece of work.

And lastly, if your in Australia you may have seen the new Sam Kekovich lamb add where they have superimposed his head on a school boy.  Although I do like this creepy little add it did remind me of a similar albeit much creepier add, made in 2000.  I am of course talking about Chris Cunningham’s commercial for the original Playstation.  His choice to shoot on mini dv brings a scary realism to the entire scene.  I don’t want to EVER meet this girl.


More good stuff to see/watch next Friday.


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