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Rotoscope Animation Assignment

This is a 2d rotoscope assignment for University which had to be all done in Flash.

The Brief:

You are to explore the creative graphic possibilities of the repeated use of 1 – 3
short animated loops, at least 12 frames in duration. Your movie should
have a lyrical theme, be at least 1 minute in length and edited to a sound track
(preferably copyright free).


Metamorphosis Animation

Our final design brief for 2D animation class was to create a 15 second animation that can loop infinitely.  The first frame had to be a still life which we drew in class (that being a human skull, a shoe, a paper towel, a bowl of lemons, and an iron) which we then digitised into Flash.  We then had to make sure we transitioned those objects into three different scenes/objects making sure your keeping animation principles in mind (squash and stretch, anticipation etc).  We WEREN’T allowed to use any tweens so all drawings and animation had to be done by hand (for those that are unfamiliar to Flash, a tween is when you tell the computer that you want something to move from A to B and the computer figures out the rest) and all images had to be vector only.  I have a bit of a love hate relationship with this piece.  The AGIDEAS conference meant I missed the still life class so I was always playing catch up with it.  I’m happy how it has turned out but of course if I had the time I would do the whole thing again differently.  You live and learn.  Screenshots are below and you can watch the infinite loop here.

Previous 2D character animation assignments (2008)

Unfortunately, since I enrolled to do this degree in the middle of last year I was automatically assigned to 2d character animation before doing the 2d animation unit so I had to learn Flash as I was learning character animation, which was kinda sucky.  Both are short at around 30 seconds each.  Hope you enjoy.

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