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The coolest interactive installations


I miss it already.  The interactive installation ‘Volume’ which was ‘touring’ Federation Square in Melbourne over the past month or so has been packed away, getting ready for its next city.  What am I going to look at now while I wait for my tram?  Oh well, thank you youtube for feeding my lust before the next installation hits town.

Volume by United Visual Artists

Aperture by Frederic Eyl

Circles Mirror by Daniel Rozin

10+5=God by Art+Com

Interactive Snow Projection by Enness

Lenovo Water Wall by Enness

Dexia Tower Installation by Lab[au]

Enteractive by ElectroLand

Burble by Haque Design

Flock by KMA


Digging what other students dig

I had my first winter term subject today and all of the tutorials for that subject are online.  When this happens the group of students are normally asked to introduce themselves and post something which inspires them on the discussion board.  It’s always interesting to see what students admire from all the different forms of design disciplines teached at the University (communication, multimedia, interior, industrial, product and film). Here are some of todays highlights:

Claes Oldenburg




Roy Lichtenstein







Frank Lloyd Wright








Modular Lighting System by Molo

light softblock





Petrina Hicks








Patricia Piccinini








Fujifilm mini instax 7s







Yayoi Kusama










H. R. Giger






Paul Sahre





Zaha Hadid






Kazuyo Sejima


sejima - zollverein




Jarratt Moody – Typography




I look good on Fridays

You may be aware of Edgar Müller, the street artist who morphs city scapes into his own illusions such as this one here in Germany.  There was also one he did recently for the “Festival of World Culture in Dun Laoghaire.  Check out this cool youtube click of the making of the piece plus continue watching to see how the public interacts with the piece.

Edgar Muller – Inferno


Edgar Muller – Ice Age

My friend Mark recently forward me a link to this add made by the company WOW.  It’s for Citizen Watches and has a great blend of motion graphics and time delayed photography.  The way the  sound syncs in with the building lights towards the end reminded me of Michel Gondry’s clip for The Chemical Brothers ‘Star Guitar’ which does a similar thing.  So impressed was I with their work that I decided to stumble upon more of their clips and this one (don’t know what it’s for it – it could be just for their own reel purposes) shows the numbers 1-10 through exquisitely beautiful motion graphics and animation.  Preeeetttyyyy.

Infinity Citizen – WOW

The Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar (Director: Michel Gondry)

Tenspace – WOW

I always look good on Fridays

Introducing “I always look good on Fridays” a section highlighting work from the art/design world which has taken my fancy, both new and old.  If there is anything that you like or don’t like, or have found a piece of work that you wish to share then please feel free to comment away.


As a kid I dreaded going into Greek Orthodox church each Sunday.  The only way to entertain myself was to stare at all the Byzantine artworks throughout the church over and over again.  Athens based artist Stelios Faitakis infuses this Byzantinian religious style with temporary issues of today – normally dealing with violence.  You can check out more of his work in April’s edition of Juxtapoz magazine or his website.



The animation house th1ng has created a promo for the London 2012 Olympics with the brief being that it needs to encapsulate the essence of London.  They have used almost every animation/motion graphic technique imaginable and somehow it all flows together.  A stunning piece of work.

And lastly, if your in Australia you may have seen the new Sam Kekovich lamb add where they have superimposed his head on a school boy.  Although I do like this creepy little add it did remind me of a similar albeit much creepier add, made in 2000.  I am of course talking about Chris Cunningham’s commercial for the original Playstation.  His choice to shoot on mini dv brings a scary realism to the entire scene.  I don’t want to EVER meet this girl.


More good stuff to see/watch next Friday.

Alexander Pierce still alive?

One of my assignments is to create 6 storyboards for a music video clip of your choice.  You can choose to do it any style but your not allowed to use the band/artist in the images.  I chose The Drones track “Words from the exectutioner to Alexander Pierce” and have decided to shoot my friend Mick as the cannibal Alexander Pierce.  Here’s the early sketches of the storyboard with the photos that I took of Mick in a local park and my backyard.  Lot’s of photoshoping to be done but I’ll post up the results in a couple of weeks.

Storyboard 1: Title of the song on an execution order form

Storyboard 2: Alexander escapes from jail

Storyboard 3: Alexander is about to kill someone from behind

Storyboard 4:  Alexander starts eating the arm (I’m looking forward to this one.  I’ve got Mick eating a roast chicken…for now)

Storyboard 5: The police find him

Storyboard 6: Execution

Previous 2D character animation assignments (2008)

Unfortunately, since I enrolled to do this degree in the middle of last year I was automatically assigned to 2d character animation before doing the 2d animation unit so I had to learn Flash as I was learning character animation, which was kinda sucky.  Both are short at around 30 seconds each.  Hope you enjoy.





Werner was adorable.   He had what seemed like one of his students with him to help with his English, not that he needed her much.  Prolific!  He went through his myriad of poster designs over the decades and then showed us his rather interesting installation pieces he made recently.




Luca joined us via Skype which was a little disturbing at first seeing a massive head on the projection screen but we all got used to it after a little while.  I’m no fashion person but the girls next to me were massively excited to see him.  It was amusing when he said that you can use his pieces as rugs as well and hearing the shock from the fashion design kids in the audience.  He said that his pieces are all over the floor in his studio and people just walk over them.  Good to see him not being precious.




The Monster Children guys opened up their talk by announcing that one of them had gotten himself laid over the last two nights while being in Melbourne.  Nice!  These guys were truly dudes!  No pretentiousness here.  They went through the history of the art/skate mag Monster Children including all their earlier editions where they had made ‘errors’ like putting full fronting nudity on the first edition, painting the barcode as a piece of artwork on a wall, photographing it and using that as the cover, having a 12 year old girl smoking on the cover; these guys like breaking the rules.  Why not?  That was what they were trying to point out with their talk.  They are still going strong five years on.  Good on them!




Melbourne based typography guru, Stephen’s talk was again, enlightening to see and learn more about typography.  The most interesting aspect of his talk was about his new book, where he went to a Primary School and asked mid grade kids to draw a corporate identity.  Some of the illustrations were hilariously all over the place but many were frightfully accurate in their font details which showed us the importance of type as identity.  Fascinating stuff!




Trevor’s talk on IP law may have been a tad long and a little grating towards the end but he did have an interesting case study on Vanilla Bean aromatherapy he worked on recently where there were three copy cat items on sale in Australia, showing us that copycats are abundant in this country.  There was a massive cheer when he said that we were all getting the free Design Victoria IP booklet which was hilarious.  





Ahh, taxidermy.  Tasty stuff!  Julia infuses her taxidermy skills with jewelery as well as stand alone pieces as the above bunny.  Groans from the crowd were heard when she went through the taxidermy process.  I found it all rather interesting but I still wouldn’t wear a bird wing necklace.





Massive cheers from the crowd for this guy when he came out.  And why not.  His damn good.  Insanely young for the success that he has had, he talked about how he got into illustrating, toughing it out in retail as he kept on working at home and finally making it big time.  He showed us his processes which I imagine would have been an interesting insight for all illustrators in the audience.  Again, being prolific was the key for this guy.





Poor guy.  Ridiculously nervous.  About 5 minutes into his talk he lost his place with his speech papers and seem to loose it a little until someone yelled out from the audience ‘It’s ok Tony!’ to rapturous applause which seemed to get him back on track.  Unfortunately his nerves kinda got in the way with what he was saying but hey, his photographs look pretty cool.





Jane Prior does a lot of the Foxtel channel branding.  Nothing much really excited me about the work to be honest.





Tony Prysten from Igloo explained to us that he sees lots and lots of folios all the time.  The number one thing he looks for in a folio are ideas rather then technical perfectionism.  He also spoke about the paramount importance of understanding new digital technologies (ie.interactive) along with more traditional graphic design to be a player in the field these days.  On a side note, he gave away 10 copies of his book and I missed out by a whisker! Damn!



I was a little disappointed with Soap’s talk.  This is the kind of work that I would love to do and I really wanted to see an insight into their work but they spoke instead about their studio culture and the fact that they have parties, they’re social, they have their own beer, blah blah.  I know it’s important to have a strong knit group as a team but it wasn’t what I wanted to hear from them.  I know other people loved their talk, and it was good, just not what I wanted to hear from them.





The last speaker of the event was also the best speaker of the event.  Truly inspiring and insightful stuff.  Harry talked about various campaigns he has worked on (too many to mention) but he also showed us photographs that he had taken of non sensical street signs (ie. Avenue Road) to explain to us that weird magical things happen all the time around us.  I know it sounds like wanker talk but it was really good.

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