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The coolest interactive installations


I miss it already.  The interactive installation ‘Volume’ which was ‘touring’ Federation Square in Melbourne over the past month or so has been packed away, getting ready for its next city.  What am I going to look at now while I wait for my tram?  Oh well, thank you youtube for feeding my lust before the next installation hits town.

Volume by United Visual Artists

Aperture by Frederic Eyl

Circles Mirror by Daniel Rozin

10+5=God by Art+Com

Interactive Snow Projection by Enness

Lenovo Water Wall by Enness

Dexia Tower Installation by Lab[au]

Enteractive by ElectroLand

Burble by Haque Design

Flock by KMA


Beau White, ‘Creepy Cripple: Paintings to make your flesh crawl’ @ 696

I just got back from Beau White’s exhibit at 696 in Brunswick on the exhibits last day and was disappointed to find that most of the work was either taken down or sold off.  That’s what you get for going to an exhibit on it’s closing day. Anyway…his work is pretty awesome..nice and gory as shown in the picture below.  On the other hand it was my first time at 696 located at 696 Sydney Road, Brunswick and was pleasantly surprised by this little gallery.  The gallery space is TINY however the shop within is great with a massive range of spray paints, toys, artwork, tshirts, check it out if you get the chance.  There’s also a new exhibit every couple of weeks so look out for more exhibit reviews from 696 over the coming months.


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