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The Beatles: Rock Band


It’s the 9/9/09.  You know what that means.  World wide release of Beatles Rock Band.  Woo!

EB Games was waiting for me.  They knew my arrival was imminent.  Like someone chasing heroin, the store salesman and I exchanged glances that we knew something that know one else did.  I gave him a small plastic card to swipe, he gave me a little box of delights… and then I ran home… well skipped actually.

I haven’t actually played the game yet as I’m waiting for my friends to come over tomorrow night to christen it, however I did put the disk in the 360 to make sure that it worked ok…and was then pretty much blown away by its very VERY cool introduction video.  It somehow manages to encapsulate The Beatles entire career in the space of a few minutes. Awesome!

And since I’m talking about music games…I thought I’d post the world record attempt at Guitar Hero…the big question to me when watching it was…why?


‘Best of the Fest’ Closing night @ the 2009 Melbourne International Animation Festival


Last night was the closing night at the Melbourne International Animation Festival, where they played a selection of the best films from throughout the week.  Highlights for me were Monsieur Cok by Franck Dion & Richard van den Boom, The Swan by Aleksandra Korejwo, The MIAF film of the fest The Spine by Chris Landreth, The Employment by Santiago Grasso, Australian film of the fest The Bronze Mirror by Susan Danta, Rex the Dog by Geoffroy De Crecy for its smile value & Fantasie in Bubblewrap by Arthur Metcalf for somehow making you feel that popping bubblewrap is like taking a life.  Embedded are a selection of the films that I have been able to find on the web from last nights screening.  Enjoy!

Franck Dion, Richard van den Boom
France, 2008, 9’45
An ex-employee visits his egg-headed ex-boss at a robot-run bomb factory.

Smith & Foulkes
UK, 2008, 8’30
There’s a right and a wrong way to deal with the soon-to-be-buried. And then there’s the way these two accident prone undertakers go about it….

Linde Faas
Holland, 2008, 5’30
A quiet, intricate portrayal of the behaviour of birds in a natural environment.

Geoffroy De Crecy
France, 2008, 3’15
This puppy is cut out for a career in rock n’ roll.

Nicolas Brault
Canada, 2008, 6’30
Under the African sun death is a constant companion but so too is the hungu, an ancient musical instrument.

Arthur Metcalf
USA, 2007, 3’45
Even bubblewrap has feelings. Lots of feelings. Especially when you start popping them one at a time. They begin to wonder out loud which bubble will be next.

Direct link (Sorry, I couldn’t embed this one)

Emma Curtis

UK, 2008, 3’30

A totally engaging documentary about dedicated collectors of treasure, trinkets and ephemera.

MIAF 2009 Film of the Fest:

Chris Landreth
Canada, 2009, 11’00
Oscar® winner Chris Landreth returns with a poignant story of redemption that takes us into the relationship between a man and a woman trapped in a spiral of mutual destruction after 26 years of marriage.

Rotoscope Animation Assignment

This is a 2d rotoscope assignment for University which had to be all done in Flash.

The Brief:

You are to explore the creative graphic possibilities of the repeated use of 1 – 3
short animated loops, at least 12 frames in duration. Your movie should
have a lyrical theme, be at least 1 minute in length and edited to a sound track
(preferably copyright free).

Metamorphosis Animation

Our final design brief for 2D animation class was to create a 15 second animation that can loop infinitely.  The first frame had to be a still life which we drew in class (that being a human skull, a shoe, a paper towel, a bowl of lemons, and an iron) which we then digitised into Flash.  We then had to make sure we transitioned those objects into three different scenes/objects making sure your keeping animation principles in mind (squash and stretch, anticipation etc).  We WEREN’T allowed to use any tweens so all drawings and animation had to be done by hand (for those that are unfamiliar to Flash, a tween is when you tell the computer that you want something to move from A to B and the computer figures out the rest) and all images had to be vector only.  I have a bit of a love hate relationship with this piece.  The AGIDEAS conference meant I missed the still life class so I was always playing catch up with it.  I’m happy how it has turned out but of course if I had the time I would do the whole thing again differently.  You live and learn.  Screenshots are below and you can watch the infinite loop here.

I look good on Fridays

You may be aware of Edgar Müller, the street artist who morphs city scapes into his own illusions such as this one here in Germany.  There was also one he did recently for the “Festival of World Culture in Dun Laoghaire.  Check out this cool youtube click of the making of the piece plus continue watching to see how the public interacts with the piece.

Edgar Muller – Inferno


Edgar Muller – Ice Age

My friend Mark recently forward me a link to this add made by the company WOW.  It’s for Citizen Watches and has a great blend of motion graphics and time delayed photography.  The way the  sound syncs in with the building lights towards the end reminded me of Michel Gondry’s clip for The Chemical Brothers ‘Star Guitar’ which does a similar thing.  So impressed was I with their work that I decided to stumble upon more of their clips and this one (don’t know what it’s for it – it could be just for their own reel purposes) shows the numbers 1-10 through exquisitely beautiful motion graphics and animation.  Preeeetttyyyy.

Infinity Citizen – WOW

The Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar (Director: Michel Gondry)

Tenspace – WOW

I always look good on Fridays

Introducing “I always look good on Fridays” a section highlighting work from the art/design world which has taken my fancy, both new and old.  If there is anything that you like or don’t like, or have found a piece of work that you wish to share then please feel free to comment away.


As a kid I dreaded going into Greek Orthodox church each Sunday.  The only way to entertain myself was to stare at all the Byzantine artworks throughout the church over and over again.  Athens based artist Stelios Faitakis infuses this Byzantinian religious style with temporary issues of today – normally dealing with violence.  You can check out more of his work in April’s edition of Juxtapoz magazine or his website.



The animation house th1ng has created a promo for the London 2012 Olympics with the brief being that it needs to encapsulate the essence of London.  They have used almost every animation/motion graphic technique imaginable and somehow it all flows together.  A stunning piece of work.

And lastly, if your in Australia you may have seen the new Sam Kekovich lamb add where they have superimposed his head on a school boy.  Although I do like this creepy little add it did remind me of a similar albeit much creepier add, made in 2000.  I am of course talking about Chris Cunningham’s commercial for the original Playstation.  His choice to shoot on mini dv brings a scary realism to the entire scene.  I don’t want to EVER meet this girl.


More good stuff to see/watch next Friday.

Previous 2D character animation assignments (2008)

Unfortunately, since I enrolled to do this degree in the middle of last year I was automatically assigned to 2d character animation before doing the 2d animation unit so I had to learn Flash as I was learning character animation, which was kinda sucky.  Both are short at around 30 seconds each.  Hope you enjoy.

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