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Alexander Pierce still alive?

One of my assignments is to create 6 storyboards for a music video clip of your choice.  You can choose to do it any style but your not allowed to use the band/artist in the images.  I chose The Drones track “Words from the exectutioner to Alexander Pierce” and have decided to shoot my friend Mick as the cannibal Alexander Pierce.  Here’s the early sketches of the storyboard with the photos that I took of Mick in a local park and my backyard.  Lot’s of photoshoping to be done but I’ll post up the results in a couple of weeks.

Storyboard 1: Title of the song on an execution order form

Storyboard 2: Alexander escapes from jail

Storyboard 3: Alexander is about to kill someone from behind

Storyboard 4:  Alexander starts eating the arm (I’m looking forward to this one.  I’ve got Mick eating a roast chicken…for now)

Storyboard 5: The police find him

Storyboard 6: Execution


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