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Semi-Permanent Highlight (for me)

Three Drunk Monkeys’ promo for Pepsi before the TV Show ‘Lost’ in New Zealand.  Genius.


Where did that July go??

Neglecting something is a bad thing.  I have been a tad busy (procrastinating) over July, completing a winter term unit which was rather fun.  Yes I have been doing/seeing stuff that I have neglected to write about on here, which is stupid as it’s supposed to be a diary right??  Surely I could have stopped pressing refresh on Facebook/Twitter and actually do something useful.  Maybe I have the guilts.

Well, finally launched my own website using a modified wordpress theme.  It’s just a start to get a web presence up  but a PROPER design will go up eventually:

Semester 2 starts next week so I’m sure to be more proactive by then… my excuse is that it’s holidays…fucking typical bullshit student talk I know…the change is happening now though, I promise!

Lastly, about procrastination, a great article about it is here, thanks to an interview with Tait Ischia and his stupidly good blog, Junior.

Till next week.

The coolest interactive installations


I miss it already.  The interactive installation ‘Volume’ which was ‘touring’ Federation Square in Melbourne over the past month or so has been packed away, getting ready for its next city.  What am I going to look at now while I wait for my tram?  Oh well, thank you youtube for feeding my lust before the next installation hits town.

Volume by United Visual Artists

Aperture by Frederic Eyl

Circles Mirror by Daniel Rozin

10+5=God by Art+Com

Interactive Snow Projection by Enness

Lenovo Water Wall by Enness

Dexia Tower Installation by Lab[au]

Enteractive by ElectroLand

Burble by Haque Design

Flock by KMA

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