3DS Max = WTF?!


I don’t like 3DS Max.

I was really excited going into my first unit of 3D about four weeks ago.  I sincerely was!  I had Maya installed on my mac working perfectly well.  I had fiddled around with it, making (in my mind) uber cool blobs.  Hey man, blobs can be cool, but I knew the best was yet to come when I would start the first unit of 3D modelling.  Sweet as!

Imagine my disappointment when the class I was put into was dealing with 3DS Max exclusively.  Depending on which tutor you get, they would either be teaching you Maya or Max.  This of course meaning I had to install it on to my Windows partition on my mac since Autodesk have decided for some bizarre reason to not make a Mac version even though Maya, which they also produce, is cross platform.

But whatever, if that was all it meant then fine.  I could deal with it.  I found a copy of the program, installed it and ran beautifully first time without any hiccups.  Awesome!  Then I fiddled around with it’s UI and became terrified.  My brain already started to fry up…welding the core?  WTF does that even mean?  Oh well, I’m sure I will learn all about these functions in class.  All cool.

Two weeks later and I was doing one of the tutorials at home.  Flash video on my laptop playing the tutorial (bowl of apples) while I was following away on my LCD screen when something bizarre began to happen about 15 mins in.  The flash video started flashing red, and then remained a solid state of red while my entire computer slooooooowwwwweeeedddd to a snails pace.  So you know, not a good idea running anything else while 3DS Max is going because your computer will go Waaaaahhhh!

But anyway, I can always watch the tutorial video first and then go ahead and work on Max as a work around.  Fine.  Fast forward a couple of weeks later and I’m in class, constructing an office chair in Max.  All is running smoothly.  All the bottom wheels of the swivel office chair seem to be in place so I hit render to check it all out.  The machine hangs. Hmmm.  I restart Max, reload the project, hit render.  The same thing happens.  I call the substitute teacher over so he can check it out.  “Hmm, Odd” he says. “It must be the machine”. OK then, I’ll just try it at home.

A couple of days go by again and by this stage I had bought and installed the new Max OS Snow Leapard.  Awesome!  Everything seems to working OK.  Might as well get back into that project from last week.  Boot up Windows, boot up Max, ERROR.  “Licencing error 1.0011.  You need to relicence this product”.  OK.  I try to relicence it.  It authorises OK.  I press ‘next’ and the same licencing error comes up.  I try this about 50 times.  I then start to cry.

Class a couple of days later and I jump on a different computer to try out the render again.  Computer hangs again!  I look at the chair and delete the wheels.  Hit render.  Everything is OK.  The wheels which were just SIMPLE CYLINDERS were crashing the machines.  I call the new teacher to my computer so he can check it out. “How bizarre” he says. “It’s just a cylinder.  It makes no sense to crash.  Sorry mate, but your just going to have to do the wheels again”.

I have left it until today to fix the licensing error.  A bit of research shows that broken licences are prevalent throughout Max and have since found the way to correct the problem (deleting the licencing file completely).

Now,  I can finally begin designing and building that piece of furniture needed for my assignment that I should have started about 3 weeks ago.

I don’t like 3DS Max.


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