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Where did that July go??

Neglecting something is a bad thing.  I have been a tad busy (procrastinating) over July, completing a winter term unit which was rather fun.  Yes I have been doing/seeing stuff that I have neglected to write about on here, which is stupid as it’s supposed to be a diary right??  Surely I could have stopped pressing refresh on Facebook/Twitter and actually do something useful.  Maybe I have the guilts.

Well, finally launched my own website using a modified wordpress theme.  It’s just a start to get a web presence up  but a PROPER design will go up eventually:

Semester 2 starts next week so I’m sure to be more proactive by then… my excuse is that it’s holidays…fucking typical bullshit student talk I know…the change is happening now though, I promise!

Lastly, about procrastination, a great article about it is here, thanks to an interview with Tait Ischia and his stupidly good blog, Junior.

Till next week.


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