Modern Times: The untold story of modernism in Australia


If you get the chance, make sure you get yourself to the Modern Times exhibition at the Heide Museum of Modern Art.  Well worth the look.  The highlight for me was the reconstruction of Harry Seidler’s 1948 studio and Robert Klippel’s ‘boomerang’ table.

It was my first time at Heidi gallery and apart from the fact that it’s so hard to get to on public transport (come on Victorian government, get your act together) it is a worthwhile experience with a HUGE outdoor area with a myriad of sculptures in the outside space.  I went for a bit of a wonder and was surprised when I literally stumbled upon the banks of the Yarra which is situated on its grounds.  I also had a lovely chat to one of the gallery staff there who informed me that Heide 1 (there’s 4 Heidi buildings) was the building Sidney Nolan did all but one of his bushranger paintings in. There you go!  I’ve attached a photo of the mysterious grey Yarra which I stumbled upon.



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