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I look good on Fridays

Since last weeks post was all motion content I thought I’d do a photography specific ‘I look good on Fridays’ post.  I used most of these artists as inspiration for a project I did last year so I might as well spread the love.  Alex Prager’s photography involves models that look like they have been stolen from a 1960’s television show, Corey Arnold’s Human Animal series has that bizarre quality that makes you feel like your somehow looking at something you shouldn’t, Julie Fullerton-Battern’s work is both strange and utterly beautiful and lastly Robin Schwartz infuses children and animals within his work.  Enjoy. 

Alex Prager


















Corey Arnold



























Julie Fullerton-Battern




























Robin Schwartz




























Alexander Pearce project…done.

You might recall my earlier post about a project for school which had to revolve around images for a music video clip.  Here are the final results of the project:







I look good on Fridays

You may be aware of Edgar Müller, the street artist who morphs city scapes into his own illusions such as this one here in Germany.  There was also one he did recently for the “Festival of World Culture in Dun Laoghaire.  Check out this cool youtube click of the making of the piece plus continue watching to see how the public interacts with the piece.

Edgar Muller – Inferno


Edgar Muller – Ice Age

My friend Mark recently forward me a link to this add made by the company WOW.  It’s for Citizen Watches and has a great blend of motion graphics and time delayed photography.  The way the  sound syncs in with the building lights towards the end reminded me of Michel Gondry’s clip for The Chemical Brothers ‘Star Guitar’ which does a similar thing.  So impressed was I with their work that I decided to stumble upon more of their clips and this one (don’t know what it’s for it – it could be just for their own reel purposes) shows the numbers 1-10 through exquisitely beautiful motion graphics and animation.  Preeeetttyyyy.

Infinity Citizen – WOW

The Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar (Director: Michel Gondry)

Tenspace – WOW

Modern Times: The untold story of modernism in Australia


If you get the chance, make sure you get yourself to the Modern Times exhibition at the Heide Museum of Modern Art.  Well worth the look.  The highlight for me was the reconstruction of Harry Seidler’s 1948 studio and Robert Klippel’s ‘boomerang’ table.

It was my first time at Heidi gallery and apart from the fact that it’s so hard to get to on public transport (come on Victorian government, get your act together) it is a worthwhile experience with a HUGE outdoor area with a myriad of sculptures in the outside space.  I went for a bit of a wonder and was surprised when I literally stumbled upon the banks of the Yarra which is situated on its grounds.  I also had a lovely chat to one of the gallery staff there who informed me that Heide 1 (there’s 4 Heidi buildings) was the building Sidney Nolan did all but one of his bushranger paintings in. There you go!  I’ve attached a photo of the mysterious grey Yarra which I stumbled upon.


I always look good on Fridays

Introducing “I always look good on Fridays” a section highlighting work from the art/design world which has taken my fancy, both new and old.  If there is anything that you like or don’t like, or have found a piece of work that you wish to share then please feel free to comment away.


As a kid I dreaded going into Greek Orthodox church each Sunday.  The only way to entertain myself was to stare at all the Byzantine artworks throughout the church over and over again.  Athens based artist Stelios Faitakis infuses this Byzantinian religious style with temporary issues of today – normally dealing with violence.  You can check out more of his work in April’s edition of Juxtapoz magazine or his website.



The animation house th1ng has created a promo for the London 2012 Olympics with the brief being that it needs to encapsulate the essence of London.  They have used almost every animation/motion graphic technique imaginable and somehow it all flows together.  A stunning piece of work.

And lastly, if your in Australia you may have seen the new Sam Kekovich lamb add where they have superimposed his head on a school boy.  Although I do like this creepy little add it did remind me of a similar albeit much creepier add, made in 2000.  I am of course talking about Chris Cunningham’s commercial for the original Playstation.  His choice to shoot on mini dv brings a scary realism to the entire scene.  I don’t want to EVER meet this girl.


More good stuff to see/watch next Friday.

Alexander Pierce still alive?

One of my assignments is to create 6 storyboards for a music video clip of your choice.  You can choose to do it any style but your not allowed to use the band/artist in the images.  I chose The Drones track “Words from the exectutioner to Alexander Pierce” and have decided to shoot my friend Mick as the cannibal Alexander Pierce.  Here’s the early sketches of the storyboard with the photos that I took of Mick in a local park and my backyard.  Lot’s of photoshoping to be done but I’ll post up the results in a couple of weeks.

Storyboard 1: Title of the song on an execution order form

Storyboard 2: Alexander escapes from jail

Storyboard 3: Alexander is about to kill someone from behind

Storyboard 4:  Alexander starts eating the arm (I’m looking forward to this one.  I’ve got Mick eating a roast chicken…for now)

Storyboard 5: The police find him

Storyboard 6: Execution

Previous 2D character animation assignments (2008)

Unfortunately, since I enrolled to do this degree in the middle of last year I was automatically assigned to 2d character animation before doing the 2d animation unit so I had to learn Flash as I was learning character animation, which was kinda sucky.  Both are short at around 30 seconds each.  Hope you enjoy.

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